The Principle of the Valuable Final Product

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In this class you will learn:

  • What a “Valuable Final Product” is and why it is so important for you personally – and for the future of your company.
  • How to establish exactly what is your Valuable Final Product.
  • Why you must precisely name – and then prominently post – the exact wording of your Valuable Final Product.
  • How to help any team achieve high morale as a group.
  • The key to achieving long-term survival.


If you have organizational upsets, low income, customer complaints, or bad delivery, you’ll be surprised to find that there’s usually one common underlying factor.

It’s a factor that at first glance seems way too simple – which is why it’s almost always overlooked.

What is that one factor?

You haven’t precisely named your Valuable Final Product.

It’s another way of saying: What exactly am I supposed to be producing and exchanging?

If you can’t name it, you’ll surely never produce it.

Here’s another vital point: once you’ve named it, you’ve got to post it up where everyone can see it.

Why is that important?

Because it’s a vital component to making your team into an effective team – and in roaring production.

It sounds easy – but then why do so many companies fail to execute these two simple factors?

You will find the answer in this class.

Another point to consider:

A lack of good leadership can create a scene where the workers are left to produce what they think the product should be.

This is one of the reasons for conflicts in a company – because you don’t have everyone on the same page.

In this class, you’ll learn that with a simple survey, you can identify what everyone is supposed to produce – and then get them operating as a team to go after and produce that product.

L. Ron Hubbard discovered that most people want to do well and work well. In researching the causes of organizational failure, he unearthed the fundamental reason behind low productivity and conflict in the workplace. And he provided a valuable tool that will help you resolve any difficulties concerned with conflict, economics, and productivity in the workplace.

Real productivity and expansion can be more than just a dream.

Widespread application of the knowledge in this class will make it a reality.

This class can be done over and over again to help anyone apply the information successfully.