About The HCA Online Training System


We bring an innovative approach to online learning. Leveraging the power of the Hubbard Study Technology, we have embedded unique learning tools into every lesson and every class – to ensure you achieve full comprehension of every concept and every management article as you progress.

No “blank spots”, no skipped gradients, and no missing “mass” in your studies as you proceed. The secret is that before you even begin your first class, you will first learn the technology of how to study – something not taught in traditional schools.

With those tools under your belt, learning the cutting-edge Hubbard Management Technology will then put you at the forefront of business and administrative knowledge. Because our responsibility is to uphold that standard, we knew that our platform had to be cutting-edge in both its simplicity and efficacy.

This is an entirely new learning experience.


These courses are traditionally only taught in select college locations around the globe but are now available planet-wide on our online platform.


Study at your own pace without the formality or pressure of a class-based course. Set your own schedule. Day or night, 7 days a week, we’re here for you.


Our platform currently exists in English only, however, it will soon be available in Spanish, German, Italian, and several more languages.


All of our online certificate courses are overseen by an Instructor who reviews all essays, written drills, etc. These courses give you the freedom to study at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home, while still having the support and guidance of our online Instructors should you need any help whatsoever.

Workable Technology

This is YOUR platform to learn real technology for real success. Our courses offer workable solutions to administration in any field and the real-life know-how to make success a reality.

    Hubbard College New Online Courses

    Pricing Model and Procedures for WISE Members

    Hubbard College of Administration International now has 17 main courses loaded into our online Learning Management System at app.hcaonline.org for immediate delivery. These 17 courses are priced according to the below chart:

    Course Name Check Sheet Hours HCA Online

    Retail Price Non-Members

    HCA Online

    General Members

    HCA Online

    Company Members

    HCA Online

    Corporate Members

    No Discount 10% Discount 25% Discount 50% Discount
    Basic Organization 60 $900.00 $810.00 $675.00 $450.00
    Effective Leadership 40 $600.00 $540.00 $450.00 $300.00
    Ethics for Business Survival 50 $750.00 $675.00 $562.50 $375.00
    Executive Basics 40 $600.00 $540.00 $450.00 $300.00
    Financial Planning 40 $600.00 $540.00 $450.00 $300.00
    Formulas for Business Success 40 $600.00 $540.00 $450.00 $300.00
    Handling the Ups and Downs in Life 15 $225.00 $202.50 $168.75 $112.50
    How to Effectively Handle Work 40 $600.00 $540.00 $450.00 $300.00
    How to Get Along with Others 10 $150.00 $135.00 $112.50 $75.00
    How to Write Effective Company Policy 20 $300.00 $270.00 $225.00 $150.00
    Increasing Efficiency 40 $600.00 $540.00 $450.00 $300.00
    Making Planning Become Actuality 50 $750.00 $675.00 $562.50 $375.00
    Management by Statistics 40 $600.00 $540.00 $450.00 $300.00
    Marketing Basics 40 $600.00 $540.00 $450.00 $300.00
    Personal Values and Integrity 15 $225.00 $202.50 $168.75 $112.50
    Public Relations Fundamentals 60 $900.00 $810.00 $675.00 $450.00
    The Basics of Survey Technology 50 $750.00 $675.00 $562.50 $375.00
    650 $9,750.00 $8,775.00 $7,312.50 $4,875.00

    In addition to the above, The Technology of Study is available as a free short introductory course as it is a pre-requisite for all other courses. In total, there are 18 of these main courses available.

    To obtain these courses for staff training, do the following:

    1. If not done already, an account must be set up at MAKH.org. Simply go to www.MAKH.org and click on “Get Started” and pay for the “WISE Member” subscription. The cost for your subscription is $11.25 per month for 5 users. (If more than 5 users are needed, the cost is $1.50 per month for each additional user – you will see that at the checkout.)
    2. The Support team at MAKH.org will then contact you to assist in getting your account set up. They will do a live training session with you to help you set up user accounts for each of your staff. To quickly expedite the setup of your account, you can reach out to the Support team and call (727) 265-1836 or email support@makh.org.
    3. Then contact Martha Pena (MarthaPena@hubbardcollege.org) at HCA Int – or call her at (323) 660-8685 – and pay for the courses you would
      like to deliver to your staff. The prices listed above are for a single “course credit” for each employee doing each course. These will immediately
      show up as "course credits" in your account.
    4. Once the course credits show up in your account you can begin enrolling your staff on the courses you have purchased. The Technology
      of Study course is automatically assigned to each user free of charge as that is a pre-requisite for doing any of the other 17 courses.

    The Support team will provide you with the hatting you need to execute the above. Don't worry, it is very fast and easy once you are hatted.

    Also Available:
    80 New “Fast” Classes on a Subscription Plan

    In addition to the curriculum of 18 “pay per credit” courses listed above, a new “Fast Classe” subscription plan is available for training your own staff.

    This new "subscription course plan" consists of a total of 80 online single subject "Fast Classes” which utilize the HCA booklets that you may be familiar with. These short hatting courses consist of a 1 or 2 hour checksheet and are self-paced, and do not require an instructor – the questions and exercises are designed to be multiple-choice and are “self-marking”. (You can of course monitor and guide your staff through these Fast Classes with personal consultation and guidance.)

    The full list of 80 titles is listed at the end of this document.

    The pricing for this monthly subscription for unlimited access to all 80 titles is discounted according to your WISE membership level:

    • If you have a WISE General Membership, then your cost for the subscription is $25 per month per user. This means you can train your
      staff with unlimited access to all 80 courses for $25 per month per user.
    • If you have a WISE Company Membership, then your cost for the subscription is $25 per month which includes 5 users. This means you
      can train 5 of your staff with unlimited access to all 80 courses for $25 per month. For each additional staff above the first 5, your cost is $10
      per staff user per month.
    • If you have a WISE Corporate Membership, then your cost for the subscription is $25 per month which includes 10 users. This means you
      can train 10 of your staff with unlimited access to all 80 courses for $25 per month. For each additional staff above the first 10, your cost is $5
      per staff user per month.

    *Note that WISE Individual-level members do not receive training benefits

    Again, the above pricing is for unlimited training on all 80 courses for as long as you maintain your subscription. Additional user subscriptions can be added or cancelled at any time.

    Clearly, we are providing an incentive for Corporate membership in WISE – and an easy-to-use and affordable system to do online (and distance) learning with your staff.

    SPECIAL NOTE: With the launch of this service there will be 16 Fast Classes fully checksheeted and ready to go. These are the basic staff hatting courses necessary for training on the rest of the courses. These 16 Fast Classes will be rapidly followed by each of the remaining until all 80 Fast Classes are available. In addition, there are 10 more “mini-courses” in development which are larger than these Fast Classes (but smaller than the 18 main courses) and the pricing model for these will be separately announced once they are ready. It is envisioned that more courses will build up over time, so the Fast Classe curriculum is ever-expanding.

    To recap:

    1. To be able to access the training platform, you will need a MAKH.org account. The WISE member cost for your subscription is $11.25 per
      month which includes 5 users. (If more than 5 users are needed, the cost is $1.50 per month for each additional user.) If you’re not yet familiar with MAKH.org, you’re going to see that it is a phenomenal tool for putting the Hubbard Management System into your business – all in addition to the phenomenal training benefits that it gives you access to.
    2. There are 18 of the HCA main courses now available online for individual purchase to train your staff as laid out in the above pricing table. Simply contact Martha at HCA Int or go to www.hcaonline.org (soon to be launched) to purchase your training.
    3. If you also want access to the online "Fast Classes” for your staff, then you can purchase a subscription plan for your company to give you unlimited access to all 80 Fast Classes. The pricing is discounted according to your membership level as follows:a) For General members the cost is $25 per month per user.b) For Company members the cost is $25 per month which includes 5 users. For each additional staff above the first 5, your cost is $10 per
      staff user per month.

      c) For Corporate members the cost is $25 per month which includes 10 users. For each additional staff above the first 10, your cost is $5 per
      staff user per month.

      NOTE: Individual-level WISE members do not receive this training benefit.

    4. To obtain these Fast Classes for staff training, go into your MAKH.org account and once logged in, go to “Training” in the top menu bar, click on “Hubbard College” and the currently available Fast Classes will show up there. To subscribe and access these courses, click on “Manage
      Subscription” and pay for your monthly subscription according to your WISE membership level as laid out above. If you would like to increase
      the number of staff with access to the training, simply

    Special Notes:
    Some special points to consider:

    These Fast Classes are particularly useful when a business owner wants to give some fast “instant” hatting to staff on a single subject of the Admin Technology. You don’t have to have staff train up on an entire 40-hour course to learn that specific subject when knowledge is immediately required. One simply selects the Fast Classe desired and the staff does that course.

    Example: Getting dev-t from your staff? Have them do the Developed Traffic Fast Classe. Need to hat your staff up on the correct use of Battle Plans? Have them do the Battle Plans Fast Classe.

    Most of these Fast Classes can be done in an hour or two and can even be “walked through” by a company trainer with a new staff member if necessary.

    All courses (the 18 main courses and the 80 Fast Classes) once accessed by a user are available to be done over and over again as long as the MAKH.org monthly subscription is kept active. This is especially helpful for business owners dealing with their staff when a “retrain” is needed on a particular subject. One simply goes into the course and does it again.

    Another important point to consider: the HCA Online training course module is embedded as an extra element within the MAKH.org platform. This means if you already have a MAKH.org account, we simply activate the HCA Online training module in your existing account and you are ready to go. You do not have to pay for another MAKH.org account, in other words.

    Furthermore, another bonus is that the full array of tools already included and available within the MAKH.org platform (which includes: Battle Plans, Management Tools, Org Board, Statistics, Admin Scale, Programs) are tools that can be utilized by your staff to immediately apply what they have learned.

    For example, when training on Battle Plans, the module for Battle Plans is right there within the platform for immediate use by the staff. Likewise, when training on Org Boards, or Stat Management (or when doing the Org Board or Stat Management course and a practical exercise is called for) the staff can immediately access the Org Board module or Statistics module within their MAKH.org account – and put their new-found knowledge to use. Guided by their company trainer, this becomes a powerful tool for practical application – and ready-made for “distance learning” when staff are working remotely.