The Emotional Tone Scale

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In this class you will learn:

  • The scale of emotions everyone experiences in life, from highest to lowest.
  • How you can accurately predict the behavior of someone — a potential business partner, employee, or friend — before you commit to a relationship.
  • Simple tools you can use to raise your own or another’s emotional state.


Have you ever wondered what affects people’s behavior?

How often have you heard someone say, “I just don’t understand her” or “why does he act that way”?

When you see a person who looks upset and angry, do you know what to expect from them?

What about someone who is very quiet and sad-looking all the time? Have you ever tried to get them excited about some plan or idea you have – but your attempt to get them involved just goes nowhere? Do you know why?

Until now, there has been no clear way to understand how and why people’s emotional levels change throughout the day — or even remain stuck in the same position for years.

L. Ron Hubbard discovered that there is actually a pattern of emotional behavior that people follow. He found people act in ways that can tell you what emotions they are feeling — even if those emotions seem to be hidden because the person isn’t talking about it.

He also discovered that there is a scale of these emotions and developed tools to detect where a person is located on this scale of emotions just by observing their behavior or by talking to them.

The Emotional Tone Scale is a powerful new tool to help you understand people’s emotions and predict their behavior. With it, you can know what to expect from any person at any time, be it an angry man, someone who is very quiet and sad all the time, or someone who is bored — or happy.

You can even know who will receive your communications well and contribute back — which is the essence of real engagement.

By understanding and using the information in this class, all aspects of your relationships will become more productive and more fulfilling. You’ll know who to associate with, who to avoid, and be able to help those who are mired in uncomfortable social situations.

Becoming more competent in relationships and developing your skills in predicting human behavior is not as hard as you think.

Study this class and learn the data well.

You can do this class as often as you’d like, to continue to increase your application and competence in life.