The Dynamics of Existence

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In this class you will learn:

  • The basic motivations behind all your actions and decisions, and the actions and decisions of others.
  • The eight separate parts that makeup life and how each relates to the other.
  • How to balance these parts to achieve a satisfying and productive life — at home and at work.
  • How to confidently make the correct decisions in life.


For centuries, philosophers have attempted to define the meaning and purpose of life — and discover what it takes to achieve real accomplishment and happiness.

Yet apparently in today’s material world, people still struggle to find their place and achieve whatever “happiness” means. That struggle includes finding out what one’s true responsibilities are — and to whom.

Lacking this knowledge, you can see how people have turned to very unusual “solutions” — all in an apparent attempt to find some of that pleasure and happiness.

L. Ron Hubbard made a groundbreaking discovery that life can be best understood if it is broken down into eight separate urges or drives— otherwise known as “dynamics”. And that an understanding of these dynamics opens the door to being able to live a balanced, happy, and productive life.

The man who neglects family, friends, and work; the self-absorbed woman; the defiant teenager — they all have one thing in common: they are lacking an understanding of how to flourish in every aspect of their life.

The knowledge in this class will give you a greater understanding of life and its component parts — and a practical approach to living successfully.

A happy, fulfilling and productive life in every sphere is not just a dream.

The application of this information will help make it a reality for you.

You can do this class as often as you’d like, to continue to increase your application and competence at work and in life.