Production and One’s Standard of Living

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In this class you will learn:

  • The one thing you must do in order to raise your own standard of living.
  • The reason some people work very hard but are not taking home what they need to live on.
  • The basic natural economic law that applies universally, and if followed will ensure a high standard of living.
  • What an executive should watch to ensure that his business succeeds.
  • The false economic assumptions you hear about all the time which will crash any economy if adopted.


In order to increase your standard of living you must work and produce – or win a lottery.

Since the latter is not a universally reliable plan, is there a single workable approach that will guarantee not only success, but prosperity? Is there some simple understandable principle which if adopted, will raise your income? Is there something special that successful business people do which allows them to live the lifestyle that everyone dreams of, but few achieve?

In fact, there is.

And it’s one basic natural economic law.

If you apply it, your standard of living will be high – as high as you apply the law.

If you violate it, achieving the standard of living of your dreams will be forever a frustration.

This class will teach you that law.

L. Ron Hubbard discovered a principle so fundamental, and so universally true, that once learned, will increase the prosperity of any person, or any group that applies it. And because it’s natural law, it works every time.

A flourishing business and a high standard of living is not just dream.

Widespread application of this information will make it a reality.

This class can be done over and over again to help anyone apply the information successfully.