How To Handle Work

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In this class you will learn:

  • How to cut your work in half – by increasing your own personal efficiency.
  • The effect the machine and digital age has had on our workaday world.
  • What to do if you want to have a vacation or time off, but always feel like you have too much work to do.


It has been said by many that if they could only just quit their job and not have to work, they could do and have everything they’ve ever dreamed of from life.

Ironically, however, one’s unwillingness, inability or prohibition to work often results in one’s downfall – from the simple fact of not being allowed to contribute.

In fact, it’s often been noticed that if someone cannot, will not or is denied work, they often go quite insane. Witness the “idle rich” and their children – and the troubled lives they often lead.

From another perspective, what of the person who always appears to be very busy, never takes any time off, and always seems to have too much work to do, sometimes even wearing it as a “badge of honor” – all while quite miserable in life.

When you observe these people closely, what are they actually doing? More often than not, they do not need to be as busy as they appear. The “busyness” seems to be self-created.

L. Ron Hubbard has researched and published volumes of information on the subject of workplace efficiency.

This class covers the most basic elements of the workaday world. And you can learn and use these tools to achieve a happier life – in and outside of work.

Make your work goals more than just a dream by doing this class.

This class can be done over and over again to help anyone apply the information successfully.