How To Get Along With Others

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Why do some people seem to get along while others do not? What’s the secret to people who seem to be able to talk to anyone? How to raise workplace morale?


This course educates students in the basics of affinity, reality and communication—the thorough application of which dramatically raises the tone and productivity of any company. With these materials anyone can learn the keys to good communication and increasing understanding and agreement between people (and knowing the basis for persistent disagreements as well—a vital executive ability required to maintain productivity.)

It contains the true fundamentals of interpersonal relations with practical, simple steps one can use to begin, improve or repair any relationship within or outside your business or the workplace, based on the workable principles of communication.

The course content covers the true reason behind continuing conflicts amongst people or groups, and how to resolve such conflicts. It also includes two practical rules for happy living, and how to use them in business and in life.